How to prepare a real estate photography session

In order to make the real estate photography session most efficient, it is important that the property and the owner should be prepared before the photographer arrives. Following is a list of things you like to check before the real estate photography session.



1. Minimize the number of people (and pets) in the property during the session.

2. Make sure that all light globes are working where you want to photograph – both indoor and outdoor. Even during day, they will very likely be switched on for the session.

3. Remove/Hide stuffs showing personal data if you are concern with privacy issue. E.g. family photos, vehicles with number plate, etc.

4. Remove/Hide stuffs indicating particular time. E.g. Christmas tree. You might still need the pictures 6 months later.

5. It is best pets (particularly, excited/over-friendly/stubborn/aggressive ones) n

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